Welcome to the Seneca7!

straight outta quarantine


After two years of cancellation due to The Plague, your favorite 7-person running relay is alive and kicking. Lace up your running shoes, gather together six friends or strangers, and head for the Finger Lakes appropriately bedecked in N95 facial masks and tutus. The Seneca7 is back!

Join us for a race inspired by good fortune and a deep body of blue. The Seneca7 will introduce you to the wonders of Seneca Lake: rushing inlets, crashing waterfalls, banks bathed in golden sunlight. All you (and your team) have to do is run around it.

Bikes Belong

The Most Beautifullest Thing in this World

Each year more teams commit to participating in the Seneca7 by bike. Bikes are environmentally friendly and take up much less space than motorized vehicles, plus they're a whole lot of fun - so we want to encourage their use. Typically about 25-30 teams journey around the lake by bike during their off-legs.

As a bike team, you'll receive the following exclusive perks on race weekend:

  • not required to follow the motorized vehicle routes during the race
  • not required to take the start line shuttle
  • exclusive parking: bamboo bike racks at the finish
  • special bib numbers
  • water at designated exchange points
  • course halfway support (Clute Park in Watkins Glen)
  • Special Needs bag pick-up/drop-off (Clute Park in Watkins Glen)
  • team gift bag