Live Race Tracking

Follow the action

Tracking ScreenWe want to know where you are during the race, and your friends and family do, too. We've created an interactive map of the race that shows every team's exact location during the race as you progress around the lake:

2024 Live Tracking

By clicking a team's marker on the map, you can see the time of arrival at each exchange point, each team's current pace, and their estimated arrival time at the finish line. After the race, this data is used to produce detailed splits, a roadkill report, and a replay.

In order for this to work, each team is required to check in at each exchange point. Using a smartphone (iPhone, Android, etc) or tablet, teams can update their positions through a special dedicated webpage. If you're a participating team, you can find your link by visiting your team page (the one you use to sign waivers, specify your roster, t-shirt sizes, etc) and looking for the "Live Tracking Link" field (available the week before the race).

During the race, every participating team's splits can be found on a big chart.