Tap the clipboard

Here's a handy list of what needs to be done between now and raceday. Please keep in mind that these are deadlines - completing the tasks sooner is preferable and very helpful to race organizers.

What you need to sign up:

  1. someone who wants to run and can eventually find six people to join them
  2. a credit card (Visa or Mastercard) for a non-refundable $100 deposit

You don't immediately need a full team roster, team name, shirt sizes, or estimated pace. You'll be able to update those later, via your team's webpage link.

What you need by November 30:

  1. a check or Venmo for the balance of the entry fee

What you need by March 7:

  1. teammate shirt sizes
  2. final team name

What you need by April 7:

  1. estimated team pace

What you need by April 24:

  1. final team roster
  2. signed waivers from each teammate (online)
  3. emergency contact (someone not on your team - enter this on your team page)
  4. raceday contact (a member of your team who reliably checks their phone - enter this the first time you visit your race tracking page)

What you need by race weekend:

  1. at least one team member in Geneva for packet pickup
  2. familiarity with course rules, your team's start time, and race tracking procedures
  3. a copy of the Course Guide (digital or printed)
  4. costumes, vehicle decorations, and a hearty can-do attitude (strongly encouraged)

Substitutions are not allowed after the Wednesday before the race.