Official Race Rules

The Finest Print

You want to get around Seneca Lake quickly, we want to get you around Seneca Lake safely, so here are the rules governing the 77.7-mile journey. Follow them and we'll have a great time. Violate them and suffer the consequences!

Penalty: Disqualification

  1. All team members must be present at the start before your posted start time on raceday.
  2. Certain exchange points have time considerations. If your team reaches the checkpoint at Exchange 7 too early, you will be held. If your team arrives too late to the cut-offs (exchanges 17 and 20), you will need to return to your vehicle because the course will be closed after that point.
  3. Teams must follow the instructions found in the Course Guide. For example, during certain legs motorized vehicles must take a different route than runners. Failure to follow Course Guide instructions will result in immediate disqualification.
  4. You may not travel alongside your runner. Idling next to your runner or pulling off to the side of the road to cheer is a safety hazard and will be grounds for immediate disqualification.
  5. Some exchange points require a road crossing between the exchange area and the vehicle parking area. At these exchanges, there will be a single, designated crossing point that must be used by all participants. Standing in the roadway or the vehicle right-of-way is prohibited.
  6. The consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited.
  7. Each team is allowed one vehicle to transport runners and it must fit within a normal parking space.
  8. The use of reuseable water bottles is encouraged, and teams are required to appropriately dispose of their own trash and recycling. Any team found to have littered or urinated (or worse!) on the course will be disqualified. Please be considerate!

Penalty: 27 minutes on final time

  1. Your team must rotate runners in the same sequence throughout the race. "Mix and match" of course legs is not allowed.
  2. A safety vest must be worn on certain legs (indicated in the Course Guide), as well as by any runner on the course after 7pm. (If you expect to be mid-leg at 7pm, don the vest at the beginning of that leg.) Your runner will not be allowed to exit the exchange point until the vest is on. A safety vest will be made available to your team; you may use your own if it is *at least* as reflective as the one provided.
  3. Your team must provide an estimated pace before the race. Though this is an estimate, it is needed to ensure proper flow of the race logistics. Deviation from your estimated pace by more than 10% will result in a time penalty and elimination from consideration for awards.
  4. Volunteers make your race experience possible. Don't abuse them!
  5. Each runner must wear his/her bib number facing front. Headphones are discouraged, but may be used if only one earbud is in place on the race course.
  6. The team bracelet must be worn or carried throughout the race by the running runner.