The Legs

Get it?

The Seneca7 has 21 legs which take runners around Seneca Lake. In the chart below, you can calculate arrival times at each exchange point (and the finish) based on a pace and race start time you indicate. (For raceday, we will assign your team a start time based on the estimated pace you provide.)


11 Missick 3.1mi  [GPX] rolling
22 West Lake Fire 3.3 mi  [GPX] mostly flat
33 Anthony Road Winery 4.9 mi  [GPX] moderate climb
44 Dresden 2.2 mi  [GPX] down then flat
55 Scenic Overlook 4.8 mi  [GPX] steady climb
66 Ol' Fourteener 4.6 mi  [GPX] incremental downhill
77 Glenora Winery 4.1 mi  [GPX] climbing
81 Magnus Ridge Winery 3.3 mi  [GPX] down, down, then up, up
92 Lakewood Vineyards 2.7 mi  [GPX] gently rolling
103 Clute Park 4.7 mi  [GPX] big descent
114 Hector Falls 3.5 mi  [GPX] steep uphill
125 Scale House 6.1 mi  [GPX] rolling
136 Idol Ridge 4.9 mi  [GPX] down then up
147 Billy's Burgundy Barn 3.1 mi  [GPX] gentle downhill
151 Bonavista 3.7 mi  [GPX] down, down, down
162 Sampson South 4.6 mi  [GPX] descent, then flat
173 Sampson North 2.0 mi  [GPX] varied
184 Seneca Lake Camp 2.9 mi  [GPX] mostly flat
195 Zugibe Winery 2.6 mi  [GPX] gentle uphill
206 Watershed 2.5 mi  [GPX] rolling
217 FINISH! 3.6 mi  [GPX] flat