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July 1, 2023   Seneca7 2024
First, the good news: The next edition of the Seneca7 (lucky number 13!) will be Sunday, April 28th. We have secured permission from our wine trail partners and planning is now underway.

Now to the not-so-good news. For many years, we have tried to provide a safe, fun, and quirky challenge for all participants. Each year we've received feedback from many sources (our athletes, volunteers, spectators, exchange point partners, public safety officers, etc.) and have made changes to each edition to be responsive and improve the experience from one year to the next.

The decision to bring bike teams into the mix a decade ago was a function of your direct request to add an additional challenge to the day as well as our commitment to reducing the carbon footprint of the event by providing a non-motorized alternative for getting teams around the lake. For many years we've sustained this option with several variations to respond to the needs of all involved.

In 2022, the challenges of biking the Seneca7 were becoming difficult to manage. For this year's race (2023) we instituted the "Bike Czar" in the hopes of mitigating some of the ongoing issues. Although we do believe the addition of the czar (as well as the efforts of the bike teams themselves) improved the experience, it was not enough. Runners, spectators, and officials all provided feedback that indicate serious concerns about the ability for motorized and non-motorized teams to coexist on the course. Some of the bike teams themselves shared safety concerns.

As race directors we cannot ignore clearly expressed warnings from law enforcement, volunteers, and participants about safety hazards. While it pains us to do this and we know it will be a great disappointment to many of you, we will not be offering a bike option in future editions of the Seneca7.