Seneca7 Bike Contract

Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail...

We're excited you've chosen to bike (instead of drive) around the lake during the race! In order to register beyond the normal registration window you must agree to the following guidelines. This will ensure a safe and enjoyable day for everyone.

Rules of the Road
Your team must follow the rules of the race and the laws of the road: Ride on the right in single file. Follow the flow of vehicular traffic. Do not drift into the driving lane or the center line unless preparing for a well-signaled turn. Wear a helmet. Use hand signals to indicate your intention to turn or stop. Do not double back to talk to your team; instead find a safe place to pull completely off the road and wait for your team to catch up.

Bike team check-in
Each of your team members is required to visit a bike shop between now and race morning to ensure your bikes are ready for the race. We've had teams come with non-working brakes, bikes that don't shift or fit the rider, and various other unsafe configurations - that's why this is mandatory. You may do this at the Geneva Bicycle Center (489 Exchange Street in Geneva, NY) or at your local bike shop. If you choose to do it at your local bike shop, you must complete a checklist (that will be emailed to you) before race weekend. If repairs are required, they must be done before race morning.

Inclement weather and support vehicles
Your team is expected to use bicycles and be self-reliant regardless of the weather, so please come prepared for cold, rain, wind, and possibly sunshine. We recognize that it is the tail end of winter, and there is still the chance of unseasonably terrible weather. Your team is NOT allowed to use motorized vehicles. Your "official vehicles" are your bikes, and they are the only vehicles allowed exclusive access everywhere on the course.

The FLX Challenge: Seneca Lake
This year there's a new bonus for riding your bike! You'll earn the distinction of riding around Seneca Lake for the FLX Challenge, which encourages the circumnavigation of each Finger Lake by bicycle. You can sign up for the FLX Challenge here.

If you agree to this Bike Contract, you may register by clicking the button below.