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[October 28, 2020]
We have been working hard to try and figure out what will become of the 2021 Seneca7 after the necessary cancellation of the 2020 event due to COVID. This pandemic isn't over and we have no idea what the world will be like next week, let alone in five months.

On 11/7 we will open registration for the virtual Seneca7 (known as the "Seneca7i"). This is only iteration of the event in which we will allow all the crazy things you've asked for over the years--the chance to try it solo, to have a team of 21 members, to have just three people do seven legs each, to make it a leisurely walk around the lake.

Only the team captain (or solo-runners) needs to do the initial signup at Once complete, the captain will get access to a link to add team members. The initial registration fee is $30, which includes one set of Seneca7 socks and gloves. Additional team members will pay $10 to participate, or $25 if they want participation + the sock and glove Goody Pack. Captains will track completion of the distance corresponding to each of the 21 legs at any time from January 7- April 7 and there will be various contests (for great prizes!) and other kitschy (virtual) happenings along the way. All participants will have access to the progress chart, interactive course map, and photo stream to share pictures from your runs. A live replay of the virtual race will be posted when the event closes and then you will receive a finisher certificate that includes your team's name, time, and rank.

In addition to planning this virtual event in a way that stays true to the quirky-ness of the Seneca7 you've come to expect (and maybe love, but at least it's expected), we continue to brainstorm ways of offering some in-person version of the race the weekend of April 25th. Our priority is always safety--of our athletes, our volunteers, and the community at large. While we know the regular event, with over 350 teams out on the course, is not going to work, we are back in the lab exploring several other permutations to see what might. Priority for any in-person event would go to the teams who carried forward their entry from 2020, but we are trying to figure out a variety of possible options that might appeal to you. Signing up for the virtual event should be seen as a standalone winter contest and an if-all-else-fails backup for race weekend. Signing up for the virtual doesn't in any way jeopardize your ability to participate in an in-person option, should one become available, but information and registration for that would be a ways down the line.

[October 7, 2020]
It is too early to determine whether an in-person event is possible for 2021. We would like to be able to do it, but right now it doesn't look feasible or responsible. That decision will be made closer to 2021, when we know what the city and State will allow as well as the general situation as it relates to responding to the threat of COVID-19.

If the in-person event happens, it will be April 25, 2021. We have investigated the possibility of postponing to later in the year, but that is not possible.

We DO know that we will offer a virtual Seneca7 in 2021, regardless of whether or not we can hold an in-person event. The virtual Seneca7 (which we will again call the Seneca7i) will be free of charge for those who deferred their entry from 2020, and participation in the virtual event will not affect your credit for a future in-person Seneca7.

Registration for the virtual Seneca7i will open to 2020 participants on October 31 and to the general public on November 7.

Please check back here for updates as we move closer to 2021. And thank you for your understanding during these difficult and uncertain times!


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